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Backpak Connect

Family Engagement Portal

Backpak Equip

Chromebook Deployment & Support.

Backpak Portfolio

Digital Student Cumulative Files & Registration

Backpak Connect

Engage families digitally to educate availability of community events, government resources, healthcare, school programs and encourage career development and reaching financial goals all while utilizing a life coach.

  • Register for Family Services
  • Schedule Appointments
  • Engage Teachers & Administrators
  • Title 1 Supported Parent and Family
    Engagement Tools
  • Access Community Services
  • Healthcare Awareness & Appointments
  • Upskilling and Courses for Career Advancement
  • Financial Literacy & Resources
  • Family Goal Tracking & Wellness
  • Connect Remotely with a Life Coach
  • Foster Relationships with Vetted Service Providers

CEB Connects Story

Local Ed-Tech company, Backpak and The Community Education Building in Delaware tackle Family Engagement

This Family Engagement Platform entitled “CEB Connects” aims to provide opportunity and access to existing community supports….

Family Engagement Blog

Joining Together to Create a Bold Vision for Next Generation Family Engagement Engaging Families to Transform Education

This research consistently confirms that family
engagement is one of the most powerful predictors….

Backpak Equip

Equip students with Chromebooks and Connectivity, provide 24/7 IT Support, and empower students to learn from anywhere to increase equitable access to Education with competent technology.

  • Register for Family Services
  • Schedule Appointments
  • Technical Help Desk Support
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • Single Sign-on Portal to Access their Learning Content

Backpak Portfolio

Digitize your school’s student records to streamline access and safeguard the privacy of your student’s information while enabling you to mobilize the records to the next grade, school or district.

  • Digital School Registration
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Register for Extracurricular Activities
  • Secure Document Upload
  • Security & User Access Control
  • Digital Student Cumulative File
  • Digital IEP
  • Attach Documents to Students Profile
  • Continuous Access To Academic Information
  • Increased Teacher Collaboration
  • Easily Coordinate with Teachers and Families
  • Improved Security and Privacy of Student Information
  • Single Login for Student Progress & Records
  • Increased School Participation

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