Digital Education Ecosystem
for in-Class and at-Home Learning

How it Works

We don’t leave you hanging to figure out how to implement a complex digital education ecosystem. We do it for you, from delivering Chromebooks to students to answering all their technology questions.

Step 1

School District wants a Digital Education Ecosystem

Step 2

Customize your Education Ecosystem & Provide Training to Administrators and Teachers

Step 3

Chromebooks are Setup & Maintained by Backpak

Step 4

Backpak Mails Each Student their Personalized Login Instructions & Chromebook

Step 5

Setup & Operational Instructions are Provided to Teachers

Step 6

Backpak Completely Manages Your Digital Education Ecosystem

Our Mission

Bridge the Digital Divide by Providing All K-12 Schools Equitable Access to a Best-In-Class, Fully Digital Education Ecosystem, as well as Compliant Curriculums that are both Comprehensive and Engaging.

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