Improve the Lives of

Families with Backpak

Increase Family Success with digital goal tracking

Motivate with one-on-one coaching

Provide Digital Access with Chromebooks/Laptops

Why You Need Backpak

  • GOALS: 76% of people are more likely to achieve their goals when tracked¹
  • COACHING: those who use Coaching are 20% more likely to reach their goals²
  • LAPTOP: laptops will provide greater opportunities to the 1 in 5 Americans who are dependent on cell phones to access the Internet³

Backpak can impact families for $100 per family per month

¹ Michigan State University Extension
² United Way of NYC’s MoneyUP Initiative

Backpak Application

The Backpak Connects App is an innovative platform that combines structured goal setting with the guidance of a life coach to empower families to transform their lives.

Accessed from any laptop, the application has one portal to connect to the families’ vetted resources and services.  It is customized and populated with curriculum, registrations, and events. Community organizations may partner with Backpak to inform the user about the self-selected topics in which improvement is desired. This unique goal directed initiative is what will motivate families to change their lives.

Resources and services may include:


  • Children’s learning platforms
  • Children’s sports and activity registrations
  • Parent Education and Family programs
  • Financial Literacy
  • Healthcare including Wellness and Mental Health Services
  • Social Services
  • Workforce development
  • Career advancement
  • Food and Housing Security
  • Civic Involvement

Backpak Connects Life Coach

The Backpak Connects Life Coach and families will connect on assessing and tracking the goals families have set for themselves.  New habits are adopted to achieve life goals to transform families’ lives and coaches will work with families to support their trajectory.

Coaches motivate results in families.

Setting goals will help to achieve high outcomes.

These include:


  • Higher graduation rates
  • More successful children
  • Parents more financially literate
  • Less crime engagement
  • Decreased drug addiction
  • Improved housing
  • Higher incomes, better jobs
  • Better physical and mental health

Backpak Connects Laptops

Backpak Connects’ combination of goal setting, coaching enhanced by supportive technology is our unique advantage. Backpak provides laptops with a custom dashboard, one portal, and training on the use of technology and how to navigate the dashboard.  Our training improves digital literacy skills and the laptops increase the adoption of internet connectivity within communities wherein the digital divide has continued. Most importantly, the laptops are the vehicles for changing lives with technological support. 

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