Our Pricing

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*Includes Chromebook for every student


Does the pricing include a Chromebook for every students?

Yes, Backpak delivers each student a fully configured Chromebook with login instructions. The Chromebook is mailed to the student’s home address with a welcome package.

Can Backpak’s Digital Education Ecosystem be used in the classroom in addition to at home?

Yes, Backpak is designed to be one system that is used for classroom and at home instruction. Your teachers use one system that has the versatility to compliment in class instruction and simultaneously be used for at home learning.

Do you train our teachers on Backpak’s Digital Education Ecosystem?

Yes, we provide teacher and administrator training and professional development as well as answer all help questions via phone, email and chat.

Does Backpak provide customization or work with school districts to enhance the product and deliver more to students, parents and teachers?

Yes, we love working with schools to improve our Digital Education Ecosystem. Our goal is to solve everything related to going digital for you.

How long has Backpak been around?

The team has been working on Backpak for over a year and we are launching this summer with selected school districts.

How do I get on the waiting list to launch with Backpak?

Email help@onebackbak.com and we can add you to the waiting list. We are currently talking to school districts for September 2020 deployments.